Guest column: Shattering records, saving lives together by Attorney General Brad Schimel

We work best when we work together. I am excited to share with you the results of Department of Justice Drug Take Back Day which far surpassed previous drug collection efforts in the state. It was the partnership among Wisconsin law enforcement, the Department of Justice and you, the community, that made that possible.

For the past four years, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had coordinated Drug Take Back days on which unused prescription drugs were collected and safely and responsibly incinerated.

Prescription medications flushed down the drain and put into landfills contaminate our water supply, and unused medications left in medicine cabinets, particularly prescription opiates, are being stolen and sold on the street.

Prescription opiate overdoses have skyrocketed over the past decade.

Furthermore, they are the gateway drug to heroin, which is devastating families across our state.

Battling the opiate epidemic is my number one priority as attorney general.

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The general attorney should develop some applicable methods for the development of this environment where the people can learn more details about the forecasting plan of action.The is needed for the development of the statement made by the group of the people in this community.
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