RAGA Launches Cordray/Dettelbach Snapchat Filter Ahead of Joint Appearance

Richard Cordray is in Columbus. You knew that, but I wanted to make sure you knew Democratic Attorney General candidate, Steven Dettelbach, introduced Cordray for a speech on: “The State of the CFPB and Moving Ahead”.

But who knows what Dettelbach and Cordray actually spoke about. The event was closed press.

It’s curious to see Dettelbach with Cordray together, and it certainly begs the question – what are they up to? It’s no coincidence that Dettelbach, a Democratic candidate for Attorney General, is introducing a rumored Democratic candidate for Governor.

On the record quote from Scott Will, Executive Director of the Republican Attorneys General Association: “Richard Cordray has been a leader on killing jobs and setting back hard-working Americans. After Ohioans voted him out in 2010, Cordray’s political buddies put him in charge of a massive federal bureaucracy that reports to no one – not to a board, not to a person – allowing Cordray to continue abusing taxpayers. Steve Dettelbach’s decision to stand with Richard Cordray, instead of the Ohioans he hopes to represent, is telling.”

So, RAGA decided to remind Ohioans of the: “Dettelbach and Cordray – Job Killing Dream Team”. These two men may be on the same ballot next year, but this afternoon, they will be paired up with a Snapchat filter covering Columbus.


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