RAGA contributes $550,000 to Republican candidate for Virginia Attorney General

Washington, D.C. -- Voters will go to the polls in Virginia in just under two weeks to elect their next Attorney General of Virginia. The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is standing with John Adams, the Republican nominee for Virginia attorney general, every step of the way. RAGA sent the Adams campaign an additional $550,000 bringing their total commitment in the race to about $4.1 million. 

"As they learn more about Attorney General Mark Herring, folks around the Commonwealth have grown increasingly concerned. That's why, in a recent debate, Herring was unable to respond when John brought up an Inspector General investigation into the waste, fraud, and abuse of his office," said RAGA Executive Director, Scott Will. "RAGA is committed to sharing Herring's record and blatant politicization of his office with Virginia voters. Contrast Herring's deception with John's service in the Navy, in government, as a federal prosecutor, and it's pretty clear he is the right choice to be the Commonwealth's top lawyer."


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