John Adams on the 'Hugh Hewitt Show'

WASHINGTON, D.C. – John Adams, the Republican nominee for Virginia attorney general, recently joined Hugh Hewitt on his nationally syndicated radio show. You can listen to the full interview here, or check out the following excerpts from their conversation. 

First, a great exchange on John's wonderful family...

HUGH HEWITT: I first got to ask you, you've got 4 boys?  

JOHN ADAMS: You are exactly right, four young sons.

HEWITT: Your wife is a Navy spouse with four boys? That's amazing, you ought to get the vote of everyone in Virginia.

ADAMS: She's a wonderful woman. We met in high school down here, just south of Richmond, and she's been a great partner through this process.

Back to regular programming... some excerpts of John's responses to Hugh follow below.

John on his experience at the D.C. Circuit Court and with Justice Clarence Thomas: It was great opportunity to clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. where you really spend a lot of time on those really thorny legal issues about the regulatory state and the scope of the regulatory state. Left there and eventually found my way to the U.S. Supreme Court where I got to clerk for (Justice) Clarence Thomas, which was a great honor. 

On why it should matter to Virginians who serves as their attorney general: They've learned why it matters the last four years, because my opponent has decided to put old politics above the law. He is picking and choosing what laws he supports and will defend.... What we need in an attorney general is someone who will look out for the interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia, not their own political views.

Why leadership  and a focus on the job, not politics, matters: We have an incredible spike in violent crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It's going on, afiliated with MS-13 growth up in Northern Virginia and down into the valley, but in other areas we just have a lack of focus in leadership. As attorney general you can bring leadership to some of these issues that are really hurting Virginia including heroin and the opioid crisis which continues to spiral out of control.

Mark Herring's equal pay issue: A lot of people don't realize, our attorney general (Mark Herring) was sued by a female assistant attorney general just last year when she complained about being paid less than her male counterparts. He fired her, so he had to settle for 200,000 of our tax dollars and that equal pay discrimination lawsuit.

What you can do to help: My opponent won this election last time by under 1,000 votes, so here's what I need folks to do. Number one vote, talk to all your friends let them know November 7th is the day. Our website is go online to learn more about me, click that donate button, and we'll get across the line. We'll return the rule of law to Virginia.


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