John Adams: I am prepared to do this job

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a recent interview with 8News WRIC Richmond, John Adams -- the Republican candidate for Attorney General of Virginia -- discussed why he is running and what type of lawyer he would be for the Commonwealth. Here is the full interview.

Reason for running: "The whole reason I’m running is, the office has become so politicized."

Adams added: "Virginians decided, for example, that we want to be a right-to-work state, but Mark Herring has filed briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court that run against right-to-work laws. Virginians decided we wanted voter ID, but Mark Herring didn’t like it. So when that statute was sued, he refused to defend it."

The attorney general must defend the laws the people of Virginia pass: "It really, in my view, is fundamental to our form of self-government. It’s we the people through our elected representatives who pass laws. That’s how we govern ourselves."

His experience: "I clerked on the United States Supreme Court. I was a lawyer for President George W. Bush in The White House. I’ve been a federal prosecutor and I help run a major law firm here in Virginia."

Evanne Armour (8News reporter): "If you look at the issues on his website, the most detailed strategy is for combating drug abuse and overdoses."

Adams response: "I am prepared to do this job."

Why people should pay attention to this race: "Candidly, I think more people are going to pay attention to it this cycle than they have in the past because of the activism we’ve seen out of the office."


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