ICYMI: The News-Gazette – Harold pledges she'll combat public corruption

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Erika Harold is picking up momentum and making it clear she will aggressively pursue public corruption – regardless of party – so Illinoisans can expect accountability.

The News-Gazette writes:

As candidate introductions go, you can't do much better than this one for Erika Harold from state Sen. Chapin Rose: "Miss America, Harvard Law School and oh, by the way, she's already scared Lisa Madigan out of the race."

She said Illinoisans "want to see the attorney general actively engaged" in addressing public corruption.

"They want the attorney general to use the office as a bully pulpit to talk about the importance of accountability and transparency, and that hasn't been done during the past several years," Harold said.

"When I talk to people, sometimes they'll say, 'Will you go after this or that particular politician?' That's not what this office is about. It's about if you see evidence of misconduct, then you use the tools of the office to address it. You're not using it to settle political scores," Harold said.

She said she's confident she'll have a "well-funded" campaign. The Illinois Republican Party and the Republican Attorneys General Association are backing her and she's already raised at least $113,650 in campaign contributions.

"I am not what people think about when they think of what it means to be a Republican," said Harold, who is 37 years old, biracial and an advocate for criminal justice reform (although she also is pro-life, pro-gun rights and in the past has opposed same-sex marriage although she adds that she is committed to enforcing the laws of the state). "As a result, there will be voters for which I can compete that we've not competed for in the past. That's very important, because I believe wholeheartedly we need a party that goes and competes and asks for every single vote. Don't write anyone off."


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