ICYMI: National Review: On Immigration, GOP State Attorneys General Echo Trump

“The Trump administration is slowly understanding the benefits they can get from working with Republican attorneys general across the country,” Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Republican attorneys general are taking steps to stop sanctuary cities and advance other objectives of the administration’s immigration policy.

National Review reports

"Donald Trump has advocated a hardline immigration agenda during his first six months in office. But, after signing executive orders to defund sanctuary cities and to place a temporary travel ban on refugees entering the U.S., the president has quickly learned that some liberal judges on federal circuit courts are willing to blur politics and the law in order to rule against the administration and block its agenda.

"Meanwhile, as federal judges continue to limit federal immigration policy, the Trump administration has come to rely on Republican state attorneys general to take a stand at the state level. Indeed, many of them are spearheading their own legal fight against lax immigration policies, particularly with sanctuary cities and the temporary travel ban."


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