ICYMI: John Adams on the 'Matt Lewis Show' PODCAST

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday, the Republican candidate for Virginia Attorney General, John Adams, joined Matt Lewis on his PODCAST. They discussed his biography, the role of a state Attorney General, why he would be a good fit and meeting Virginians. A handful of these excerpts are below, but you can also listen to the full interview here.

A bit about John: "I grew up here in Virginia, I went to VMI, and then was a Naval Officer for about four and a half years…. I was a ship driver for the Navy. I then went to law school after my Naval service, here at UVA… I’ve served as a law clerk for Justice Thomas, I was a lawyer for President George W. Bush…. I’ve also served as a federal prosecutor…, and then for the last seven years I have been in private practice."

The role of the Attorney General: "Legal advice doesn’t change whether the person asking is a Republican or a Democrat…these are leaders in Virginia who need to understand what the parameters of the law are.

"It’s not whether the Attorney General agrees with the law or not. It’s the duty to be the lawyer of the Commonwealth of Virginia."

Why John is running: "It is incredibly important that our sovereign states have really good representation for two reasons: …so citizens are able to govern themselves… and to protect the state from federal encroachment….

"With my background I feel like I will be able to…ensure Virginians will continue to have a right to govern themselves in the way they see fit."

On campaigning: "When I meet with folks all across the spectrum, I just enjoy hearing about them, hearing about their experiences, hearing what they’re happy about with the way Virginia is heading, what they’re not happy about. …I’ve enjoyed getting to know a lot of people and getting out there."


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