ICYMI: Claims Against Morrisey Untrue

Washington, D.C. -  In case you missed it, Mike Meyer of the The Intelligencer penned a column comprehensively debunking Doug Reynolds’ false attacks on Patrick Morrisey’s record:


“One puzzling aspect of the advertising being used in an attempt to force West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey out of office is that much of it is easily disproved. Perhaps it’s a test of whether the big-lie theory of politics remains valid.”


Coal Jobs:

“President Barack Obama and his war on coal and affordable electricity bears much of the blame for that. A few Democrat leaders, including U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, have battled the White House on that. Many, including some still in office, have sided with the president — and against their fellow West Virginians.

That makes it all the more peculiar that much of the advertising for Reynolds has included the claim that someone needs to stand up for coal miners. The implication is that Morrisey has failed to do so.

That claim would come as a surprise to Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency. If any of the nation’s state attorneys general could be muzzled by the EPA and the White House, it is entirely likely they would choose Morrisey. He has been a giant-sized thorn in their sides.”



“A more vigorous defense of coal miners is difficult to imagine.

In fact, Democrats in the Legislature at one point tried to restrain Morrisey’s ability to go after the EPA. Did I mention Reynolds, of Huntington, is a Democrat member of the House of Delegates?

Perhaps Reynolds and his supporters assume voters missed all that.”



“Another Reynolds advertising tactic is that someone needs to do something about the epidemic of drug abuse in West Virginia. Again, the implication is that Morrisey has been idle.

Hardly. He has been among the most active state officials in battling drug abuse in multiple ways.

Morrisey’s office worked with the state Board of Pharmacy to find ways technology can be used to help health care providers avoid over-prescribing of opioid painkillers. His Best Practices Toolkit helps with more guidelines to reduce abuse of prescription drugs. Finally, he has partnered with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on other intiatives against substance abuse.”

Read the full column here.


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