Dettelbach’s Hypocrisy of Equality Before the Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Steve “Do-Nothing” Dettelbach recently sat down for an interview with a left-wing blog and said that everyone is equal under the eye of the law, a statement which stands in stark contrast to his work representing clients in the private sector before and after he was chosen by his friend and former classmate, President Obama, to serve as U.S. Attorney.

In the interview, Dettelbach says that everyone, regardless of their status in life, is equal before the law. “The rule of law at its best means one simple thing: That there is one set of rules that applies to everybody, one set of rules that applies to protect every single person, no matter how vulnerable, and holds every single person accountable, no matter how powerful,” Dettelbach said. 

However, Dettelbach has built a career of using the law to his, and his client’s, advantage, and proudly displays these achievements on his law firm’s website. In one case, Dettelbach “represented a nursing home chain in a federal investigation that began as a criminal matter, was changed to a civil investigation and, in the end, resulted in a regulatory action in which the client paid no fine or penalty.” In another case, Dettelbach “defended an executive in a bribery case involving construction projects at a healthcare agency. The defendant in that case pleaded guilty and received a sentence significantly lower than did the others involved in that scheme.”

Dettelbach likes to paint a rosy picture that everyone is bound by the same set of rules, but has instead used those same rules to help his rich and powerful friends circumvent the law. Ohio needs an Attorney General who will uphold the rule of law and represent all Ohioans, not just the wealthy and connected.


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