Adams: Virginia Needs A Lawyer, Not Another Politician

John Adams, Republican candidate for attorney general of Virginia, made a campaign stop in Harrisonburg. Adams spoke at length with the Daily News Record about why he is running and how he will end Mark Herring’s partisan politicization of the office.

From the article:

HARRISONBURG — Back in the late 1990s, the 2017 GOP nominee for state attorney general was a high-seas cop, driving a U.S. Navy Cyclone-class coastal patrol boat in high-speed chases to interdict drug-running Central American cocaine cowboys.

He clerked for conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; was associate White House counsel to President George W. Bush; and served as a federal prosecutor in Richmond, putting bad guys behind bars.

 “Virginia needs a lawyer, not another politician,” Adams said in a wide-ranging interview Monday with the Daily News-Record.

“I think I’ve been as well prepared as anyone possibly could be to be the commonwealth’s lawyer,” he continued. “I decided I had to be in this race when Herring announced he was going to run again. Instead of being the attorney general, and enforcing the state’s laws, he has openly challenged ... Virginia’s constitution.”

Republicans have sought to portray Herring as an activist less interested in enforcing existing law than in promoting a liberal agenda that is pro-abortion, LGBT-friendly and anti-gun.

Left or right, being so agenda-centric, Adams said, undermines the state attorney general’s leadership of Virginia’s judicial system, which he called “the independent branch of government.”

 “The office has become completely politicized, and I have little experience or interest in politics,” he continued. “When the laws of the commonwealth come under attack, the laws on the books, put there by the people’s duly elected representatives, an attorney has a responsibility to defend his client, in this case, Virginia.”

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