Adams Makes the Case: The Choice for Attorney General of Virginia

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Virginia elections are one week away, and the Republican nominee for Virginia attorney general -- John Adams -- is working hard for every vote. Adams will put Virginians and the rule of law first, not politics. As attorney general, Adams will draw on his career of service in the Navy, as a White House lawyer and Supreme Court clerk, as well as a federal prosecutor. 

Here are a few key highlights from an op-ed John penned in the Independent Journal Review

Why John is running: 

Having never run for office before, I got into the race because our current attorney general, Mark Herring, has repeatedly used the office to pursue his own personal political agenda rather than serve his client: the Commonwealth of Virginia. In doing so, he has placed Virginia's government directly against the will of its citizens. And while he has been focusing on his political agenda, our communities have become less safe.

What you can expect from John as attorney general: 

First, I have a deep respect for our Constitution and the rights of my fellow citizens to decide for themselves what laws they wish to live under. So, when Virginians pass laws, I will defend those laws, even when I disagree with them. It's our law, and Virginians should expect their attorney general to defend their choices, not overrule us because he (or his major donors) doesn’t like them.

Second, I will work with our law enforcement partners to combat criminal activity and get ahead of the horrific opioid crisis. I served as a federal prosecutor, and the Police Benevolent Association endorsed my opponent four years ago, but after four years, it has switched its endorsement to me.

Third, I will run a thoroughly professional office that will represent Virginia in a way that will make all Virginians proud.

In closing -- John's pledge to Virginia:

As attorney general, I won't be the voice for any party, faction, or group. I will be the lawyer for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have had a lot of clients as a lawyer. But it would be the honor of my life to call my sole client the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Read the full op-ed from John, here.


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