“Do-Nothing Dettelbach” Flubs Campaign Launch, Reveals Inflated Resume

Washington, D.C. – Steven Dettelbach, despite claims of expertise in cyber security, accidentally made his campaign website public without actually announcing he is running for attorney general. In addition to being an embarrassing display of incompetence, the contents of his now-hidden website reveal how shallow Steven “Do-Nothing” Dettelbach’s resume is, and the lengths he will go to inflate his accomplishments.

The website claims he “holds the powerful accountable,” but as a prosecutor, Dettelbach tried to let a white collar criminal off the hook and a judge had to fix the mess:

In March 2011, while Dettelbach was the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Anthony Raguz was indicted on six counts – one count each of bank fraud and bank bribery and four counts of money laundering. In September 2011, Raguz plead guilty to all six counts. News reports indicate that this was part of a plea bargain, cooperating with federal prosecutors. However, in November 2012, Raguz was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison and ordered to pay back more than $70 million in restitution. The Plain Dealer (Nov. 27, 2012) reported that “U.S. District Judge Christopher Boyko rejected a request from prosecutors that Raguz receive a punishment in the mid-range of federal sentencing guidelines, ruling that the damage he caused outweighed his contributions to prosecutors, the FBI and the IRS.” 

In a section bragging about his work for a big-shot law firm, Dettelbach claims to be in favor of a “fair and level playing field,” but in fact he has a history of rigging the system in his client’s favor:

Dettelbach lists his experience on the BakerHostetler Web site. Highlights include Dettelbach representing “an executive in a bribery case involving construction projects at a healthcare agency. The defendant in that case pleaded guilty and received a sentence significantly lower than the others involved in that scheme.”

Steven Dettelbach’s non-campaign campaign is off to an embarrassing start, and if the contents of his on-again, off-again website are any indication, the Ohio Democrats are going to have to work extra hard to convince voters he would be an effective attorney general.

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