100 Days In, President Trump is Keeping His Promises

During Barack Obama's eight years in office, the Republican Attorneys General led in fighting unconstitutional federal overreach that hampered our economic freedom and infringed on our Constitutional rights. In 100 Days, President Trump has shown what can happen when the White House is committed to the rule of law, creating jobs and putting American workers first.

President Trump has rolled back Obama-era regulations, appointed a Constitutional conservative to the Supreme Court, and worked with the private sector to create a climate for American prosperity. The results are clear: the economy is growing and citizens are feeling a renewed optimism about the future of the country. Republican AGs will continue to work with the President and his Administration to restore the rule of law, grow the economy and defend our freedoms.

Highlights of the first 100 Days:

Confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch:

“Confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States was one of the most impactful and important votes U.S. Senators have cast in President Trump’s term. Throughout the many hours of Senate confirmation hearings, Gorsuch, who demonstrated a calm, pragmatic demeanor, gave the American people insight as to how he approaches the law. Gorsuch repeated his commitment to upholding the rule of law and interpreting the Constitution as written, as opposed to legislating from the bench. The passing of Justice Scalia required a replacement who would uphold the Constitution as our Framers intended; no one is more prepared than Neil Gorsuch to fulfill this role.” – RAGA Chairman and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey

Clean Power Plan:

"The Obama Power Plan was one of the most egregious, unlawful regulations issued in our lifetime.  It killed jobs, raised the price of electricity for hard-working Americans and placed the reliability of the power grid at risk.  Fortunately, Republican Attorneys General and a 27-state bipartisan coalition led the way in fighting against this power grab, obtaining an historic stay at the U.S. Supreme Court last February. 

"We are deeply appreciative that President Trump is reaffirming his commitment to put an end to the Obama Power Plan.  The President is keeping his promise to the American people and to coal miners--the workers who power this country and made it great."  – RAGA Chairman Patrick Morrisey

Waters of The United States:

“The President’s action is going to save countless farmers and ranchers across Arkansas from the negative impacts of this costly and unlawful rule. The EPA exceeded its authority when it proposed this rule, and the process is beginning to end it. As a landowner, I know that farmers and ranchers are the first conservationists, but this rule would have stripped away private property rights. I am proud to have stood with my colleagues in challenging this rule, and I am grateful for the President’s executive order.” – RAGA Vice Chairwoman and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Lead the EPA:

“The Senate acted in the national interest by confirming Scott Pruitt to his new post. Scott has been one of the top attorneys general in the country, leading fights against federal overreach and defending the rule of law. He will ensure the EPA fulfills its mission of providing a healthy environment for all Americans while not strangling our farmers and small businesses with unnecessary red tape. There is much work to be done to get Washington’s regulatory policies under control and in line with the Constitution.  We look forward to working with Administrator Pruitt in his new capacity.” – RAGA Chairman Patrick Morrisey

Attorneys General Visit White House:

“We were honored to be invited to the White House to meet with President Trump and discuss our shared priorities including regulatory reform, combating the opioid epidemic, supporting law enforcement, and getting the American people back to work. We also expressed our thanks to President Trump for his leadership in rolling back the unlawful regulations of the administrative state and congratulated him on his excellent choice to nominate Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

"Republican Attorneys General are excited about working with the Trump Administration to reverse the regulatory onslaught of the past eight years. We were the last line of defense against the Obama Administration and now look forward to joining forces with the White House to make America great again." – RAGA Chairman Patrick Morrisey

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